Who’s exhibiting at Auckland Art Fair 2021?

Find out with our round-up of the emerging artists we’ve got our eye on.

Ayesha Green

Known for her simplified painting style and reimaginings of historical figures and botanical illustrations, through her work Ayesha attempts to relocate and redefine the power relationships of Māori representation. 

ABOVE Soil from Papa by Ayesha Green,

Andrea Bolima

Andrea layers her works with thinly applied acrylic paint, building ambiguous scenes in which blurred forms create impressions of flowers, foliage, trees, cliffs and the like, suggested through colour palettes she blends on the canvas itself.

ABOVE Urban Forest and Pink Storm by Andrea Bolima,

Tia Ansell

All of the components of Tia’s work are handmade. Her integration of weaving and painting challenges the traditional divisions between craft and fine art, and elevates the use of handspun material to new heights. 

ABOVE Andrew and Francis by Tia Ansell,

Chauncey Flay

Working with materials including New Zealand greywacke and Tākaka marble, Chauncey investigates the idea of the Anthropocene (the current geological era), within which he explores the concepts of time, degradation, fragility and shared history.

ABOVE Parliament House Vl and Osterns Quarry Greywacke Bunker Xlll by Chauncey Flay, 

Zina Swanson

Zina draws on botanical-related lore to examine the way we live with plants. Her watercolour and acrylic paintings are often humorous, yet also hint at a darker view of our relationship with the natural world.

ABOVE Forget Me Not by Zina Swanson,

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