We think Silgranit sinks deserve to be the centre of attention

What can be a real asset in the kitchen in terms of both form and function? Let this suggestion sink in.

In association with Blanco.

During even a minor renovation, you’ll feel as if you have decisions to make about everything but the kitchen sink — and we recommend putting that high on your list of priorities too. Stood over and stopped by umpteen times a day, it’s one the hardest-working elements in this space, so there’s a lot to be said for reframing it as an important asset on the form and function fronts.

STRENGTH & BEAUTY Durable and desirable, Silgranit contains up to 80% natural granite mixed with high-quality acrylic into a mouldable material. Hygienic+Plus surface protection reduces bacterial growth by an average of 98%, and the colour pigments are blended all the way through, meaning cleaning and buffing away blemishes requires only water, a sponge and baking soda.

Aesthetically appealing, hygiene-enhancing, low-maintenance and long-lived, Blanco’s Silgranit sinks are among our favourites to get our hands on and in. They’re crafted from a patented granite-composite material expertly engineered to look sophisticated while withstanding wear and tear — and keeping things a whole lot cleaner. In a wide range of styles, configurations and colours, the smooth, non-porous stone resists heat, scratches and stains, and inhibits bacterial growth.
Turn your attention to everything and the kitchen sink with Silgranit by Blanco top of mind, and this central feature in the heart of your home will become something to really admire.

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