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Book of the month: August 2018

Little Big Rooms, published by Gestalten, $100.
“The most beautiful moments occur when the uninhibited creativity of little ones manifests in places that originally had a very different function,” say interior designers Melissa Antonius and Lena Schimmelbusch in their introduction to this book. With that in mind, they’ve rounded up loads of fantastic ideas to help you create children’s spaces that encourage them to use their imagination through good old-fashioned techniques like turning a bed into a boat and drawers into a doll’s house. Parents themselves, they’re also familiar with the particular searing pain that comes with stepping on rogue pieces of Lego, so the fun is tempered with practical suggestions for channelling the chaos while providing kids with a sense of security. Chapter one: ‘How adults can defend their territory’.

TOP Use wood panelling to make an ordinary bedroom enchanting. Bunks cater to sleep, storage and play. ABOVE A simple piece of string or wire and some pegs is a sweet way to put kids’ creations on display.

Words Philippa Prentice

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