DIY tassel blanket

Practical and pretty – yes, it’s a thing.

NEED Around five balls of yarn, depending on how many tassels you want to make (one ball gave me two tassels). Two metres of a great hemmed fabric – you could even use an old blanket. I used a piece of wool-blend fabric from The Fabric Store (if you’re out of Auckland, give them a call, explain what you’re after, and one of the lovely girls will send you some samples – brilliant). You’ll also need a wool needle (pick this up when you get your yarn, as you will be able to select the right eye-hole for the grade of wool you’re using), scissors, and a piece of cardboard around 25cm square.

ONE Wrap the yarn around the piece of cardboard between 40 and 60 times, depending how full you want your tassel (I wrapped mine 50 times). Then gently pull the yarn off the board, making sure you keep it in a large loop, and tie through the middle with a 20cm piece of yarn, keeping it tight. Tie once more. Do not cut off the excess yarn – you will need this!

TWO Fold the knotted loop in half, keeping the tied yarn at the top. With a 10cm piece of yarn, tie the folded loops about quarter of the way down, keep tight, knot again, and trim the excess.

THREE Taking the unfinished tassel in your hand, cut the yarn along the bottom. You should now have a tassel! Trim the stragglers and tidy up the bottom.

FOUR Decide where you want the tassels placed. Mine were approximately 15cm apart, but lay it out and see what works best with your fabric. Now, taking your wool needle, put the excess yarn at the top of the tassel through the eye, sew it through the fabric, pull through twice, then knot twice to secure it. Cut off the excess, and repeat until all are attached. And… you’re done!

Gem Adams is an all-round style betty. A stylist, photographer, and maker of things, she has a knack for turning nothing into something. Follow her at

Words and styling and photography Gem Adams


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