Sleeping beauties

We style a space two ways, filling it with things to make you go “Nice!” and also “Zzz…”

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Relaxin’ all cool
1 When restyling your bedroom for autumn, begin by coming up with a tight edit of just a few hues. Having a defined colour palette in mind means you can rest assured that any new additions will work in harmony with the pieces you already have.
2 With this first look, we kept things cool and calm by teaming an ash-coloured chambray linen duvet set with an oatmeal linen pillow and matching euro for tone-on-tone simplicity. Additional cushions in complementary shades but different textures dial up the luxury.
A private space such as this is the ideal place in which to dedicate a wall for use as a gallery for artwork, family photos and mementos that you want to admire every day but don’t want to have on display for guests. Choose a common shade for your frames to tie the items together, and add other curios to the wall to vary the composition.
A bench at the end of the bed is the would-be bedroom stylist’s best friend. A practical spot for books and tomorrow’s outfit, it also serves as a full stop for the story you’ve created with your bedding. The key here is size: too small and your bench will look out of balance with the bed; too big and it’ll dominate the room. Aim for something that’s close to but no larger than the width of your bed. You could also try a pair of chests or stools, or a row of baskets.

ABOVE: REAR, FROM LEFT Kiondo basket (used as planter), $69.90, Ceramic wall hanging, POA, Lush photographic art print by Jenna Smith in A4 raw oak frame, $118, Palm Single photo frame, $94.90; Prado 3 photo frame, $209; Ombre pendant light, $539; Linear two-tier side table, $440; Morales coffee cup, $29.90; Marble soap dish, $16.90; Gaussian vessel, from $99.90, all BED, FROM LEFT Quilted reversible bedhead, from $1490; Sove chambray linen euro pillowcase, $40.90; Luna embroidered wool cushion cover, $64.90; Suave fringed cushion cover, $79.90; Cotton velvet cushion cover, $49.90; Sove chambray linen PR pillowcases, $79.90/pair; Sove chambray linen duvet cover, from $249; Cotton velvet quilted bedspread, from $359; all FRONT, FROM LEFT Aspen chair, $490; Mayra wool-blend jumper, $259; Lana rug, from $1290; Cala leather handbag, $229; Plank bench, from $1790; Kiondo basket (used as planter), $69.90; Moss Stitch wool throw, $229, all Plants and books stylist’s own.
ABOVE Cork rectangular tray, $34.90; Hola side plate, $29.90; Dine linen napkin, $12.90; Morales coffee cup, $29.90, all
ABOVE Prado photo frame, $209; Weight side table, $659; Kiondo basket (used as planter), $69.90; Mr & Mrs Night Set Curvy jug, $169, all Lush photographic art print by Jenna Smith in A4 raw oak frame, $118, Plants and photo (on floor) stylists’ own.

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Character building
Your bed linen will take centre stage, but your furniture shouldn’t pale in comparison. When it comes to your bedside tables, think carefully about what you really need: storage? Space for a lamp? Mismatched tables can add an interesting dimension. Meanwhile, a textured bedhead in a neutral colour provides an additional layer of comfort. Style it simply with a pair of pillows, or use it as a backdrop for an array of cushions, as we have above.
If you want to work printed textiles into your scheme, sticking to a simple colour palette will ensure a cohesive look. Build on the mix-and-match theme by teaming your selected duvet set with an alternative pair of pillows in a pattern of a different scale.
To style this look, begin with two pillows in black and white. Fold the sheet over the duvet, then stack the pillows behind the fold, one on top of the other for visual effect. Add a euro pillow for height and a velvet cushion for texture; we’ve used rusty hues to bring warmth to the neutral bedding.
4 With your bed linen basics sorted, it’s time to amp up the personality. Choose two or three hero cushion designs; go for prints in a variety of weights and styles. A throw on the end of your bed is more than just a cosy comforter – it also grounds the scene and breaks up the duvet’s print. To achieve that casually-tossed-herelook, take opposite corners of the throw and stretch them towards the sides of the bed.
Think outside the square – the decorations on your walls don’t have to be framed artworks. Everyday items, such as hats, can become beautiful when grouped together. Follow the stylists’ rule and arrange them in groups of three or five.

ON WALL, FROM LEFT Hats, from $59.90 each, Collage Composition No 1 artwork, from $90, ON FLOOR, FROM LEFT Compound tallboy, $1890; Rita wool scarf, $89.90; Gava planter, $47.90; Gaussian vessel, from $99.90; Prado 3 photo frame, $209; Linear two-tier side table, $440; Karite hand cream, $14.90; Ombre table lamp, $299; Talo coffee cup, $21.90; Prado photo frame, $79.90; Fenris rug, from $1340; American Oak Low stool, $320; Compound bedside cabinet, $690; Oku storage box lid/trays, from $29.90; Marble bowl, $7.10; Kiondo 50/50 bag, $189; Adela wool-blend cardigan, $269, all BED, FROM LEFT Quilted reversible bedhead, from $1490; Condor cushion cover, $69.90; Angulo cushion cover, $59.90; Cotton velvet cushion cover, $39.90; Sove linen euro pillowcase, $39.90; Hola knitted wool cushion cover, $59.90; Rio PR pillowcase, $69.90/pair; Montana PR pillowcase, $59.90/pair; Montana duvet cover, from $139; Moss Stitch wool throw, $229, all Plant, books, photos and vases stylists’ own. Stone Gauze linen fabric (used as curtain), $52/m,

Styling Alice Lines & Sam van Kan
Photography Simon Wilson

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