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Right at the start of production on this issue this issue, homestyle art director Juliette and I visited the Auckland Art Fair. We’d planned to whizz through on our lunch break, but two-and-a-half hours later, we were still there deliberating over potential art purchases. We felt a little guilty about being out of the office for so long, but funnily enough, many of our conversations that afternoon sparked concepts for the stories and styling we’re sharing with you here. In fact, you can read about the intriguing creative practice of one of the exhibiting artists we discovered, Emily Hartley-Skudder, on page 54.
Having seen a wide range of artworks and varied approaches to hanging them at the fair, we decided it would be great to illustrate how you can tackle the salon-style hang at home. So we enlisted sharp-eyed interior designer and stylist Alex Fulton to impart her knowledge on all things clustered, collected and propped on the wall. She took our studio set to the next level, with a bold paint effect and a neat round-up of local art finds. There’s something for every budget in the mix and you can shop the look on page 30.

“Not only is art a super-easy way to express your personal style, it’s also an ideal springboard for devising a colour palette for your pad.”

 So why am banging on about art? When creating joyful interiors, it’s a two birds, one stone thing. Not only is art a super-easy way to express your personal style, and do so with a narrative, it’s also an ideal springboard for devising a colour palette for your pad.
Take a look at the art you’ve collected, or perhaps start a moodboard of pieces on your wish-list. Does any one hue dominate? Are there groups of colours that you’re drawn to repeatedly? Once you’ve narrowed it down to three or four tones, it’s time to figure out the vibe you’re trying to achieve: bold and luxurious, bright and playful, serene and soft. Check out the houses featured in this issue and you’ll see there are plenty of different ways to introduce colour into your interior. From art and accessories to furniture and paint, it can be as subtle or as vibrant as your heart desires.
Fashion can also be a catalyst for creating a colour story in your home. Taking note of the latest collections of a few of our favourite local designers, Juliette has developed three moods for rooms where your walls can be as on point as your wardrobe. Turn to page 41 to find out which colour and style tribe you belong to.
The thing to remember about colour is there’s really no right or wrong. Be guided by what you love and you’re guaranteed to create a home that tells the story of your life.

Alice Lines

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