Editor Alice Lines introduces our April/May issue

I’m penning this note from my new home office, where I’ve just unpacked the last box from my family’s recent move, and I can happily say it’s starting to truly feel like mine. Rearranging your possessions in a new house is a funny sort of puzzle to navigate, and we’ve really been enjoying that satisfying feeling when pieces slot perfectly into position. Some of our things fit better in this home than they did in our previous one — it’s almost as if this 1970s pole house was where they were meant to end up all along. There are, of course, a few things I’m dead keen to upgrade, but I’m doing my best to exercise restraint and take my time to let the way we want the spaces to feel sink in, rather than being distracted by quick fixes based on the way they look.
Although I’m not able to share any of my own interior updates with you just yet, this issue we feature a host of talented people who’ll inspire you to take a considered approach to ‘what’s next’ at your place. I found myself viewing the following pages through a new lens before we sent them off to print, adding purchasable pieces to my own wish-list, taking note of the expert advice from professionals who’ve overseen some very well-executed renovations, and jotting down tips from homeowners whose first-hand experience in ‘doing it yourself’ is the sort of insider knowledge money can’t buy.
For me, it always circles back to what I know — that the results are more rewarding when I take it slow. So for the foreseeable, you’ll find me right here, gradually collecting ideas from our pages and the remarkable people we feature on them while wondering what my home might ultimately look like. I hope you’ll join me!

Editor Alice Lines

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