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How do you make your house your home? I think it’s important to focus on making it a place in which you can truly live — day in, day out. Beyond aesthetics, decorating to create such an intentional interior is an opportunity to level up by paying extra attention to the ‘ordinary’ things you actually need and use — like your textiles.
Whether it’s the pillowcases you wake up on every morning or the curtains you draw every night, buying what you really need, buying less and buying well is the first step. Caring for your pieces then becomes crucial to ensuring you get the most out of them.
To help your favourite fabrics live and look lovely for longer, you need both a will and a way, and the top technology of Fisher & Paykel’s newest front-loading ActiveIntelligence™ Steam Care washing machine and Heat Pump Condensing Steam Care dryer is a great pick for the latter. Between them, these leading appliances have 48 cycles (many of which are complementary) that enable you to give your textiles proper TLC. 

MAIN IMAGE BACKDROP (throughout) Walls in (from top) Resene SpaceCote Flat in Resene Double Spanish White; Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Black; Resene Spacecote Low Sheen in Resene Travis, MAIN IMAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT Pebble Weave rug, from $3595, Gingham Merino throw by John Atkinson, $255, Daily armchair, $2313, Arum lamp by Ferm Living, $1589, Charlton fabric (used as curtain), POA, Disc Squab cushion by Klay, $160, Cotton Velvet cushion cover, $50, Cushion by A&C Linen, $100, ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT Conic Stem vase, $200, Tablecloth by A&C Linen, $110, Theo chair, $309, Square cup, $65, Scalloped platter by Rachel Carley Ceramics, $207, Japanese Tenugui towel, $45, Salad servers by Petley, $175, Citrus juicer by Gidon Bing, $61,

You do hue

A simple way to stay on course when curating an interior that reflects your lifestyle, not trends, is to establish a colour scheme — and remember: opting to invest in quality items in beautiful, natural materials doesn’t mean resigning yourself to only neutral hues.
The palette used here shows how a selection of bolder shades — chocolate, blue, yellow, terracotta and black — can punctate a neutral base and transition from room to room. Let this concept be your buyer’s guide — you’ll find having a list of four or five colours to refer to will provide clarity when you’re shopping.
To keep your chosen colours vibrant, wash them at lower temperatures, and as well as combining whites with whites and brights with brights, make sure you clean similar textiles together. The aforementioned Fisher & Paykel washing machine has an LCD display that makes customising your washes a breeze, while the dryer boasts TangleProtect tech that ensures each load dries evenly, helping to preserve the integrity of your colours.
You could also opt to steam rather than wash, taking advantage of the washer and dryer’s new Steam Care feature. It lets you refresh textiles without the need for a full wash cycle and helps to remove creases, so you don’t need to iron afterwards.

ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM FRONT LEFT Grace plinth (used as vanity), $2889, Hayes bath towel, $80; Tama hand towel, $45, Arc wall mirror, $490, Akebia table mat, $45; Citrus & Poppy Seed soap by Sphaera, $26; facial massage brush by Iris Hantverk, $50; Bio-Nutrient face oil by Maryse, $62; Bio-Boost serum by Maryse, $44, Dome pendant light, $490, Josephine hand towel, $45,

Get in touch

In deciding how a room should come together, I like to consider the elements that provide physical and mental comfort during those regular at-home rituals. For me, comfort is also about thoughtfulness, so think ahead and layer your space with textiles your future self will thank you for.
Satisfy your senses by choosing materials in contrasting textures for tactile appeal, pairing woven and velvet cushions with woollen throws, say. Keep them in good nick with regular steaming or gentle washing. This Fisher & Paykel washing machine has an 11kg drum and a Delicate cycle that are brilliant for large or finicky items such as cushion covers, and a Woolmark-certified Wool setting that’s perfect for knits. 

ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM FRONT LEFT Bed socks by General Sleep Store, $69, Balanced lamp by Petley x Monmouth Glass Studio, $3200, Luisa Bon Nuit glassware by R&D Lab, $275, Yoko fitted sheet, from $99, Linen Standard pillowcase by Cultiver, $119/pair, Mimosa pillowcase, $60/pair, Linen flat sheet by Cultiver, $255, father Eucalyptus duvet cover, from $155, Throw by Finn Godbolt, $495, Tasseled Wool rug, from $2295,

Do the right thing

Sometime in the past few decades, price and convenience began to trump quality, and now stores are overflowing with cheap pieces poorly and unethically made from environmentally harmful synthetics. So what’s the real cost?
You might be in the swing of questioning the origins of your clothing, but do you ever wonder who made your sheets? If not, it’s time to let important details such as sustainability and traceability inform your homeware purchases. Do your research, and choose small, local and reputable brands whose production processes are kind to both people and the environment.
As an excellent alternative to washing that saves both water and energy, this washing machine’s Steam Care can help to uphold your principles while caring for well-made textiles; washing less is a way to increase their longevity, keeping them out of landfill. The machine’s ActiveIntelligence™ tech also cleverly adjusts your wash times for maximum energy-efficiency, while its Auto Dose feature intuitively determines the amount of detergent you need, so you never overdo it. Meanwhile, as well as its heat pump condensing technology designed to effectively dry at textile-friendly low temperatures, the dryer has a class-leading 10-star energy rating. 

Age & wisdom

Vintage textiles have a certain charm that adds a graceful patina to an interior, but if you keep these precious pieces stored away for best, you might find they’re musty and creased when you come to use them. Steam Care is the ultimate hack for nipping this in the bud (as well as when you’re styling with contemporary textiles and time is short), making old tablecloths and napkins as good as new, even removing odours.

ABOVE, APPLIANCES, FROM LEFT Fisher & Paykel 11kg ActiveIntelligence™ Steam Care Front Loader washing machine, WH1160F2 $3699; Fisher & Paykel 9kg Steam Care Heat Pump Condensing dryer, DH9060FS1 $3499, OTHER ITEMS, CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT Ash Beam slide handle, from $319, Woodford pool towel, $110; Hayes bath towel, $80; St Clair bath towel, $80; Beppu bath mat, $90, Chequerboard towel by Classiky, $25, Tama hand towel, $45, Curvature double hook by Ferm Living, $120, Japanese table brush, $70, Vase and foliage stylist’s own.

Better living

Meeting the needs of your lifestyle, your favourite pieces and the planet feels good — and so does treating yourself right. Everyday luxuries like organic towels are self-care tools that can really boost your wellbeing. And while you’re using them to care for yourself, the Hygiene cycles of this washer and dryer care for them, killing more than 99.9% of bacteria and reducing allergens. Talk about living well…

Styling Sam van Kan
Photography Wendy Fenwick

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