Concrete playground

Paint isn’t just about adding colour. We show you how to create coloured and textured effects for your planters.

You will need
Terracotta plant pots
Resene Terracotta Sealer
Resene Resitex, medium grade
Resene SpaceCote
Low Sheen in assorted colours

Resene Paint Effects, medium grade
Resene Sandtex
Resene Crackle Effect

1. Seal your pot Paint your pot inside and out with Resene Terracotta Sealer to keep it looking good for longer. Only one coat is needed, and as it’s water-based clean up is simply a matter of running your brush under the tap. Seal the night before painting, as there’s a six-hour dry time.

2. Add texture To create a concrete look use Resene Resitex, brushing on two coats to build up a surface layer. Water-based Resene Resitex can be tinted to your favourite colour, or painted over when dry with Resene SpaceCote. This will create the basic textured look.

3. Paint effects From here on you’re ready to get creative. You can sand the texture back, or add a wash of colour by using 1 litre of Resene PaintEffects medium grade, with 1-2 Resene testpots added, depending on the intensity required for colourwashing. We used Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Alabaster white for the wash and Resene Resitex in Resene Half Stack for our concrete look.


Painting on your texture with Resene Resitex and Resene Sandtex will instantly give you that ‘grunty’ concrete look, while layering with earthy greys and moody hues will result in an organic feel. Have some fun experimenting with the colourwash effect for ‘ageing’ your pots. We’ve used colours that complement our cactus plants; a colour palette inspired by nature.

Project Greer Clayton   
Styling Alice Lines   
Photography Melanie Jenkins


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