Chats with Prak Sritharan of Wellington gallery Precinct 35

He tells how mindfulness and homeware help him embrace the everyday. 

“I split my time between my place and the home of my girlfriend Nadya France-White, who runs Wellington boutique ENA and also lives in Mt Vic, in a classic old villa with a magic view of the harbour. I love this area most when I can leave Precinct 35 at 5pm, head to Moore Wilson’s to grab some bits for dinner, then make it out for a quick run through the trees before settling in for something delicious by candlelight. 

ABOVE The selection of pieces Prak stocks in his gallery reflects his own taste. On his list of essentials that make him feel at home are three timber pieces: a favourite spatula, a long tasting spoon and a chopping board by Walk in the Park. Another thing he gets daily enjoyment from is his record collection. “It’s hard to put into words how much I love listening to them,” he says. “They’re a big part of how I unwind. Home means everything to me. Invest in it like you’re going to be in lockdown.”

To me, living thoughtfully means doing even simple tasks with purpose. Making the bed, brewing coffee… not being distracted while doing them can be really rewarding and a nice way to get out of your head for a moment.
It’s hard to say what guides my homeware purchases because not all are the same. Sometimes, nothing beats buying on impulse, but at the same time you want things to be purpose-driven. Some people find it easy to justify not buying homeware when they don’t own their home, and I’m always quite surprised by that. Tailoring your spaces, whether you own them or not, is a wonderful feeling worth embracing.”  

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