In association with Lexus. Boundary-pushing design has always been a fundamental part of the machinery at luxury automotive brand Lexus, and since 2013, it’s…
In association with Blum. Good news for those whose stuff runneths over — your home has storage opportunities hiding in plain sight and these…



In association with Webb’s. A resurgence of interest in wine collecting is afoot worldwide, and at New Zealand’s number-one auction house, Webb’s, they’ve seen a pronounced uptick in the under-40 demographic. Along with the older and supposedly wiser among us, emerging connoisseurs are breaking the mould, exploring new flavours and becoming active participants in the auction scene. How does one go about that, though? We asked Head of Fine Wines & Whiskies at Webb’s, Marcus Atkinson.  So Marcus, where does Webb’s get its wines and whiskies? Although Webb’s takes pride in its well-established network of sources, two-thirds of consignors
In association with Resene. Sweeps of subtle colour and depth create all but immediate character.  How to… –  Achieve this gentle limewashed effect by applying two coats of your base colour to the wall. For our back wall and ledge, we used Resene Field Day, and for our front wall, we used Resene Merino. –  When that’s dry, mix Resene FX Paint Effects Medium with colour from a testpot and apply it to the wall with a wide brush, creating large, cross-shaped swipes (you don’t need to cover every inch). For our back wall and ledge, we used a
In association with BoConcept. Getting in touch with your feelings while getting in touch with your furniture — now there’s an interesting idea. It’s central to BoConcept’s AW23 Kollektion, which began with asking how great design makes people feel and has resulted in pieces intended to induce deep satisfaction and bring sensory pleasure to your everyday. Three highlights for us from this Danish-designed range include the Salamanca sofa, the Calgary display and storage system, and the Santiago coffee table. One thing the sofa won’t evoke is tears — its textured fabric and floating, forgiving curves mean bumping into it won’t


“When we think of styling our homes, it’s our senses of sight and touch that are typically the priority, yet it’s the finishing touches that can make all the difference to the way we feel. Paying attention to our senses of smell and hearing can add character and a feeling of completeness to the overall ambience of a space. I love using scent in the home I share with my husband and children. I avoid plastic whenever I can, and synthetic scents are much the same for me — I just don’t want them in the air we breathe.
The big decision about what to be when you grow up is even less clean and simple when your talents lie in multiple areas. Whanganui’s Natalie Bradburn thought she wanted to study fashion, but ended up on an interior design course, which led to a Master of Architecture. She’s been working as an architectural designer ever since, along with running her own bathroomware business, Clean Clean Clean, while raising two beautiful children, Marlowe (7) and Frances (5), with her partner Ben Mitchell-Anyon of Patchwork Architecture. To her, all the work is connected, and she quite likes the ambiguity of
He spoke to homestyle editor Alice Lines for an online-only exclusive ahead of the festival of creativity and design, a must-see in Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington from November 8 to 10. So Rajiv, for those who haven’t been immersed in the domestic arts/creative corner of YouTube you occupy, what’s your elevator pitch? It’s Martha Stewart meets Mister Rogers — half how-to, half motivational therapy. Not only that, and as well as being an actor and author, you’re a potter and a painter… have you always been interested in making things by hand? Yes. Both my parents were creative and adept and making


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