Styling with Weave’s new Martinique, Mallorca, Amalfi & Luca textile collections

In association with Weave.

How would you describe your interior styling style — carefully considered, ad hoc, tightly edited, anything goes? Although we’re advocates of buying what you truly love when it crosses your path, we also know the art of pulling together an overarching look is helped along when there’s a method in the madness, and these scenes composed with pieces from Kiwi company Weave’s Spring/Summer 2021-2022 Martinique collection are an excellent example of how it’s done.
Step one: consider formulating a loose theme as a starting point for your colour palette — in this case, the sights, sounds and sensibility of a wish-list Caribbean travel destination. Next, take note of this set-up’s block-coloured backdrop, with its neutral, natural coffee table and rug, simple sofa, and vase and lamp that bring in texture and form but only a single hue each. Then, train your eyes on the contrast of the cushions’ prints, while noticing how they’re tied together with colour — blush, olive and spice shades that are in cahoots with each other and their surroundings.
Purchasing from just one quality range is another way to ensure items work cohesively. Here, Weave have done the groundwork for you, and their other luxe new-season collections — Amalfi, Mallorca and Luca — are full of finds you could turn your hand to too.

ABOVE Local textile pros Weave craft their cushion covers from environmentally thoughtful fabrics, such as linen with Oeko-Tex certification, so you know it’s toxin free. All are supplied with vegan-friendly inners. Like the rest of Weave’s rugs, the jute Cadiz rug in this living space is handwoven using traditional techniques by artisans in northern India under the guidance of Care & Fair, an organisation that aims to eliminate child labour in rug-weaving regions, guaranteeing you both the look- and feel-good factors.

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