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Book of the month: December 2018

Resident Dog by Nicole England, published by Thames & Hudson, $85.
There’s a pooch in almost every pic in this playful book that profiles a series of architectural homes and the pets who live in them. Among them we meet Skipper, whose affectionate and gentlemanly presence inspires joy in everyone he encounters; Boston, who sits at the window for hours, staring down her arch nemesis, a white-faced cow; and Canela, who reportedly brings a reassuring energy to the modernist home is which she’s lucky enough to dwell. And you know how pets often look like their owners? Well, in Resident Dog, many of the animals are uncannily similar to their homes. Hey there slinky greyhound in your concretey converted warehouse, spaniel with floppy ears that echo the droopy ivy above the door, and pair of poodles with coats that perfectly complement the tawny timber and inky joinery of your surrounds. This book is all in good fun, but the interiors are seriously goals.

MAIN IMAGE Bullmastiff-kelpie cross Bergie resides in a late-19th-century terrace house. ABOVE TOP Scout, Diesel and Boston’s off-the-grid abode in rural Nulla Vale was built using mostly recycled and organic materials. ABOVE In Melbourne, Rita enjoys living in a home with a loft-like extension and a separate studio at the rear.

Words Philippa Prentice

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