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Book of the month: April 2018

Hanging Kokedama by Coraleigh Parker, published by Jacqui Small, $45.
The word ‘kokedama’ describes both the thing and the art of making the thing: potless plants growing in a special soil mixture bound by moss and string. This new book (with photography by homestyle contributor Larnie Nicolson) tells in impressive detail how to achieve the intentionally imperfect yet undeniably beautiful results, in a process that turns out to be fun and also relaxing, as the wrapping part is very meditative. We’re taught how to give all kinds of plants – succulents, ferns, herbs and even trees – the kokedama treatment. Pick the appropriate types for use inside (try making a wall hanging with several tiny cacti) or out (picture a massive Monstera deliciosa dangling from the roof of your porch), and go to town with this manual as your faithful guide.

ABOVE Tropical plants make spectacular kokedama. Keep them in tip-top shape with regular misting and soaking. TOP A pair of flowering Odontocidium orchids makes a striking statement in a bedroom.

Words Philippa Prentice

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