The Samsung Bespoke refrigerator is one cool customiser you can design to your taste in your kitchen

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There can often be a few crucial elements in a house that don’t gel so well with the rest of the aesthetic, their function trumping their form, but for the design-minded, where there’s a will to do things differently, there’s a way — and one of the ultimate ways is customisation. Going beyond your standard décor selection, it’s a valuable tool to use when seeking to authentically express yourself in your home, and there’s a new find on our mind that you can tailor to your taste in your kitchen.

Style it

The kitchen is commonly the heart of a home and the fridge a focal point within it. Samsung’s new Bespoke refrigerator helps you reflect its necessity and the true you by becoming the hero of your interior’s colour and material palette. Minimalist but bold, it puts you in charge of the design decisions, thanks to its interchangeable exterior panels that you can customise top to bottom.
Take Samsung’s four-door French door model, then arrange its panels in your own creative colour configurations. They’re sold individually in multiple hues and textures: Navy, Pink and White glam glass with a shiny finish, and Cotta White and Cotta Charcoal cotta metal (a premium ceramic-coated metal). All can be teamed with sleek stainless steel.

Sort it

That Samsung’s energy-star-certified Bespoke fridge is equal parts image and utility makes it pretty cool in our book. Offering performance that works for you, it responds to your needs outside and in via advanced tech that makes it a top-notch kitchen hand beneath its statement surface.
Is maximising the shelf life of your produce your priority? This sophisticated fridge allows you to keep foods at their optimum temperature and humidity, preserving freshness and flavour. Do so with FlexZone, an independently controlled compartment that you can quickly convert from fridge to freezer with five pre-set temperature modes at your fingertips, including Beverage, Soft Freeze and Freeze. There’s also a Flex Crisper that’s ideal for meat and fish, and the Crisper+ that ensures fruit and vegetables retain more moisture. With the Samsung Bespoke fridge, you can even personalise your ice, opting for cubes or Ice Bites that chill drinks faster.

Rarely are fridges standout artistic elements in an interior scheme. With Samsung’s Bespoke, you can custom-design yours to fit your lifestyle and your look, turning it into an object of desire that’s ‘you’ through and through.

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