Rulebook reboot

This isn’t your average list of interior dos and don’ts. Here we suggest style ideas to promote personality-filled spaces, good chats and happy homes.

RULE #1:

Liven things up
Indoor plants are never not a good idea. They clear the air, reduce stress, encourage a feeling of wellbeing and look fantastic too. For best visual effect, go for greenery in a range of different heights.


RULE #2:

Design your living room for connection
Make your lounge a more social space by facing your sofa and armchairs towards each other, instead of a flat screen. With your living area oriented to board games, not binge-watching, the natural next step is guests and good times.


RULE #3:

Turn your coffee table into a canvas
Is your coffee table just ‘there’? Use it as a stage on which your talent for styling can shine. Populate it with items that reflect your interests, and include books and magazines that guests can flip through and that will encourage you to take time out.


RULE #4:

Unpack the past
Enough with the hiding away of treasures. Let family heirlooms, travel finds and other ‘imperfect’ pieces come out to play so you can enjoy sharing their stories. Start with a vignette comprised of a few favourites and let it evolve over time.


RULE #5:

Allow yourself that hero piece
If you’ve been coveting something amazing for months – a feature light, a large-scale artwork, designer seating – here’s a reason to take the leap. Not only do statement pieces make a great talking point, they also bring you joy every day. So go ahead, go for impact.


BACKDROP (throughout) Walls in Resene Bluff, Polyflor Sensations fumed oak 119M vinyl flooring, $39/m2, FROM LEFT Fiddle-leaf fig, $99, Raffles buffet, $899, Double-spouted creamer, $60; Large Japanese bowl, $130, Grasshopper lamp by Greta M Grossman for Gubi, $1502, Rubber tree, $121; Bangalow palms, $74 and $158; bird of paradise, $64, Clerici chair by Konstantin Grcic for Mattiazzi, $1641, Sheepskin, $279, Noughts Weave rug, $1900,

ARTWORK, FROM LEFT Yoga Croquis print by George Sand Studio, $469; Palm Vase print by Samantha Totty, $178, Grand Budapest Bath artwork by Mr Rogers, $90, Green Croquis print by George Sand Studio, $108, Green Home 01 print by Riikka Kantinkoski for Paper Collective, $179, FROM LEFT Natural Haviana Circle chairs, $499 each, Woven wool rug, $1135; Noughts Weave rug, $1900, Captain Flint floor lamp by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, $3010, Veranda sofa by Vico Magistretti for Cassina, $3850, Velvet cushion, $139, Vintage Turkish cushion, $149, Berlin throw, $229, Bangalow palm, $158, Bordeaux console shelves, $1299, TOP SHELF, FROM LEFT Sculptural maquettes, $150 each, Post Objects Pussillium lamp by Sammy-Rose Scapens, $1020, Golden pothos, $37, Lightly planter, $109, German ceramic vase, $75/set of three, MIDDLE SHELF, FROM LEFT Jug by Yuko Ikeda, $220, Mini container by Good Thing, $49, BOTTOM SHELF, FROM LEFT Salad bowl, $65, Snake ceramic box, $129, Last stool by Mac Lamb for Hem, $450, ON COFFEE TABLE See rule 3 credits below. Books stylist’s own.

Border coffee table, $3214, Terrazzo bowl by Wundaire, $145, Cork placemat, $13, Small Japanese bowl (used as planter), $75, Serpentine stone slab, $136, Post Objects Curve candle, $35, German ceramic dish, $75/set of three, Woven wool rug, $1135; Noughts Weave rug, $1900, Natural Haviana Circle chair, $499, Plant stylist’s own.

Bordeaux console shelves, $1299, TOP SHELF, FROM LEFT Post Objects Pussillium lamp by Sammy-Rose Scapens, $1020, Brown and cream vase, $50/pair, Post Objects Curve candle, $35; Post Objects Helix candle, $55, Wheel incense holder, $45, Golden pothos, $37, Lightly planter, $109, German ceramic vase, $75/set of three, MIDDLE SHELF, FROM LEFT Contour Photo frame, $27, Ceramic bowls by Bob Steiner, $39 each, ARTWORK See rule 2 above. Books stylist’s own.

Aim pendant lights by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Flos, $1160 each, Verge dining table, from $1995, Florence chairs, from $459 each, Brown jug, $35, Terrazzo dish, $219, Stacking mug by Kinto, $27, Flowers stylist’s own.

Styling Juliette Wanty
Photography Wendy Fenwick

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