Quality, modern office furniture: a Mocka tale

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If you’re anything like us right now, you’re probably already looking forward to a fresh start. Always angling to make our future less frazzled and easier on the eye, our minds have turned to our WFH set-up, and new office-appropriate finds that’ll entice us back to work in the new year. When you’ve got champagne interior taste but an artisan-kombucha budget, we reckon Mocka’s good to know. Their extensive range of contemporary 9-to-5 pieces really does help everyone bring affordable design home. 

Let’s get down to business
Current and classic, Mocka’s desks include styles to suit all spaces big and small, some in trestle form to suit the minimalists among us or an industrial effect, and others with built-in drawers and shelves in which to stash supplies and your laptop. Consider following biophilic design principles by opting for a design with an additional open overhead shelf to devote to potted greenery, providing a connection to the natural environment while you work that will assist in reducing stress, improving your wellbeing and enhancing your creativity.
You could fit out your entire home office at Mocka to create a 100% cohesive space, and it’s even easier and more cost-effective when you opt for their Desk & Chair package. Select your favourite twosome, and you’ll style and save in one fell swoop.

TOP Simple, sturdy and chic, the Jesse desk combines clean, contemporary lines with a natural look. We love that its ample size allows plenty of room for dotting its pared-back form with both essential tools and decorative objects. Plus, it has a handy panel that hides cords from view without reducing your legroom. ABOVE This Zara desk is a fine example of a form that’s slim yet also provides built-in storage. Use the Art Deco detail on the drawers to kickstart a décor theme or colour palette in your office or study nook.

Put it away
Unlike that Christmas present you’ll never use, storage is the gift that keeps on giving, so improve your focus in 2023 by clearing more clutter with ample cupboard space. We particularly like Mocka’s Mischa bookcase, a multipurpose unit that combines shelves and drawers for both display and tidying away; the two-door Eclipse cabinet, with its rounded, rubberwood handles and surface that’s perfect for arranging collectables that’ll soften your room’s ‘office’ feel; and the two-door Zara cabinet, a streamlined, handle-less design with multiple interior compartments that would make a sleek team arranged with the aforementioned desk.

ABOVE, FROM LEFT Mischa bookcase, Eclipse cabinet, Zara cabinet.

For all the family
Mocka’s mission is to help you love your home, and that means keeping everyone in your household happy. We’d use coordinating units like the Kent ladder bookcase and Kent desk below to create a study nook in an open-plan area, where you can keep an eye on the kids while they do their homework (or work while supervising their play), and they can still feel part of the action. All that’s left is to manage any distractions — but we’ll leave that one to you.

Head to Mocka’s website to see the full range and to Shop the Look, a tool that lets you select from scenes in which they’ve done the office-styling job for you. Now that’s working smarter, not harder.

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