Make an entrance

This pegboard organiser is a great addition to your entranceway – taking care of all those things that tend to get left on the floor.

You will need
Pegboard, 1m x 1.2m
Resene Quick Dry
Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen paint in Resene Black White
Testpots in Resene Gum Leaf, Resene Kandinsky and Resene Flourish
Painters’ tape
Roller and paint brush
Long screws suitable for the wall you’re screwing into
36 washers
Pegboard hooks (we used 112mm loop hooks and 25mm locking curved hooks)

1. PRIMING THE PEGBOARD Apply a primer of Resene Quick Dry. Then, once dry, roller Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Black White over the top. Coat both sides twice so the board doesn’t warp. If  the holes start to fill up with paint, wait until dry then use a skewer to push through.

2. COLOUR BLOCKING Use painters’ tape to mark out the shapes you want to colour block. You may want to measure the size of the object you will hang before doing this to make sure it fits inside the painted block. Making sure the edges of the tape are  pressed flat onto the pegboard, paint in your chosen Resene feature colour. Do two coats. Once dry, remove the tape. Use a small paint brush to tidy up the edges if you need to.

3. HANGING Stack six small washers on each screw before attaching to the wall, so the board will sit out slightly – making it easier to insert and move the pegboard hooks around. Attach your pegboard to the wall in all corners with a drill, as well as halfway down the board.

4. DISPLAY Hang your pegboard hooks. You can play around with objects being contained by the coloured blocks (as shown with the keys) or overhanging. Have fun!

ON THE WALL Resene Permanent Green. on the pegboardResene Black White, Resene Gum Leaf, Resene Flourish, Resene Kandinsky, in the scene Ori Bunnies key ring, $25, Rains long jacket in white, $180, Mirage Fedora by Lack Of Colour, $79, Le Femme petit handbag in salted creme, $375, Wall bracket, $12, Living & Co fabric wall plug cable, $15, Dolly bulb, $12.50, Planted philodendron, $45, Arnold Circus stool in chalk by Martino Gamper, $230, Shoes, stylist’s own.

Project & styling Amber Armitage
Photography Melanie Jenkins


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