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We love pink and blue as much as the next people, but how about something new? Here are two gender-neutral mural ideas that are neat for kids and easy on parents’ eyes too.

In association with Resene.


Creating a space that encourages open-ended play, this geometric design provides endless possibilities for make-believe.

1. Use a roller to paint the entire wall with two to three coats of Resene Tussock, then allow to dry. Aim to give your design some breathing room by keeping about 20-30cm from each edge shape-free.
2. Create the arch by ruling two 110cm vertical lines about 75cm apart, then connect them at the top by tracing a semi-circle using a pencil attached to a piece of string pinned 110cm from the floor in the middle of the two lines.
3. Mask out the arch with painter’s tape. To achieve the rounded edge, overlap small pieces of tape bit by bit.
4. Use a roller to paint inside the tape with two to three coats of Resene Zinzan. Once dry, remove the tape.
5. Use the same method to mask out a second semi-circle near the ground, this time slightly wider; ours is 125cm. Repeat step 4 with Resene Ringo.
6. To create the staircase, draw a 75cm horizontal line ¾ of the way up the arch, then add five 15cm steps. Mask with tape; repeat step 4 using Resene Atmosphere.
7. The triangles extending down from the roof are about 30 x 60cm, but go for whatever works in your space. Repeat the process using Resene Rumour Has It.

PAINT SWATCHES, FROM LEFT Resene Zinzan; Resene Tussock; Resene Atmosphere; Resene Ringo; Resene Rumour Has It;

BACKDROP Wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Tussock, triangles in Resene Rumour Has It, arch in Resene Zinzan, stairs in Resene Atmosphere, semi-circle in Resene Ringo, floor in Resene Walk-on in Resene Atmosphere, OPPOSITE, FROM LEFT Wooden wall pegs, $3.50 each, Kanken Mini backpack, $125, Hula hoops, $6 each, Globe cushion, $160, Studyboy 2 Crate desk, $820, Follow Me lamp, $349, Bear tumbler, $17, Bear Snackie bowl and plate set, $39, Arnold Circus stool, $250, Fun Food fruit by Play Studio, $4/set of six (painted in Resene Atmosphere, Ringo and Zinzan), Lego storage brick, $85, Mosslanda picture ledge (painted in Resene Rumour Has It), $29, Wooden animals, from $20 each, Numero 74 futon, $160, Wooden tambourine, $29; Mini cymbals, $29, Castle Maypole Taffeta cushion, $109, Sweetheart Chair pillow, $100, Books and coloured pencils stylist’s own. ABOVE LEFT Jump rope by Kids Essentials, $4, Finley overalls, $50, Coathanger stylist’s own.


A composite marble or granite material popularised by modernist architects, here terrazzo’s confetti-ish look is turned into a playful backdrop for a baby’s room.

1. Use a roller to paint the entire wall with two to three coats of Resene Truffle, then allow to dry.
2. Roughly sketch out on a piece of paper the terrazzo-style pattern you want to create on the wall, then use that as your guide. We used three colours: Resene Seachange, Resene Dawn Chorus and Resene Paddock.
3. Use a pencil to draw outlines of your shapes on the wall, then mask them out with painter’s tape. To create ragged edges, rip pieces of tape in half lengthways before sticking them on the wall. The more different angles and edges you can create, the better.
4. Use a roller to paint two to three coats of each of your chosen colours inside the tape. Once dry, remove the tape, assess the overall look, then repeat the process to create some additional smaller shapes that intersect with the larger ones.

PAINT SWATCHES, FROM LEFT Resene Seachange; Resene Dawn Chorus; Resene Truffle; Resene Paddock; Resene Coffee Break;

BACKDROP Wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Truffle, terrazzo shapes in Resene Seachange, Resene Dawn Chorus and Resene Paddock, floor in Resene Walk-on in Resene Coffee Break, ABOVE LEFT Uno cot, $1650; Cot sheet set, $129, Muslin wrap, $35, Birdie Blue toy by Lucky Boy Sunday, $90, Blabla Cactus pillow, $135; Castle Dusty Blue Velvet lumbar cushion, $115, ABOVE RIGHT Mosslanda picture ledge (painted in Resene Tussock), $19, Wooden stacking bear, $24, Forest Suit overalls, $50, Coathanger and books stylist’s own. OPPOSITE, FROM BOTTOM LEFT Comback rocking chair by Kartell, $1357, Web Weave rug, from $715, Mini Dressing Knit blanket, $75, Casey cuddle bunny, $30, Mr Gradi snake, $179, Contrast light shade, $299, Luggy basket, $90, Miniature Funkis house, $230, Suzy’s City wooden block set, $65, Hand-felted mushrooms, from $13 each,

Styling Alice Lines
Photography Melanie Jenkins

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