Let shutters and blinds perfect the light in your home, and protect your privacy and possessions

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The better we come to understand how much our home’s connection to nature can improve our wellbeing, the more we want to let in all the natural ambient light we can. The trick is to do so without sacrificing your privacy or allowing the sun’s rays to sap the life from your furniture and flooring, and one of the best-looking ways is with blinds or shutters, options we appreciate for the control they offer — plus a panoply of bonus benefits. 

TOP Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters come in three neutral hues and can be adjusted by app-controlled motorisation for the ultimate ease. ABOVE Options abound with Luxaflex Roller Blinds, whatever your priority: a colour ideal for your interior scheme, making them child-safe, remote control or voice activation…

Let’s roll

Kitchens and bathrooms are key spaces in which we begin and end our days. Start yours as comfortably as possible in the company of your morning cuppa by diffusing or screening the sun with streamlined roller blinds. Our pick are Kiwi-made by Luxaflex, for their wide range of light-filtering and block-out fabrics — with Duraguard protection that makes them ideal for kitchen and dining spaces, as it deters most stains — and their operating systems that as well as light and privacy, make you the boss of glare and heat. In the evenings, use their corded or automated functions to lower them all the way, keeping you both cosy and impervious to neighbourly intrusions.

ABOVE Available in eight hues, Woodmates Blinds by Luxaflex maintain their colour integrity for years to come.

Your best angles

Like everything in life, balance is key to maximising your wellbeing at home, and when it comes to light, your textiles and other homeware will thank you for it. Blinds and shutters allow you to enjoy everything in moderation. Ultra-adjustable Venetians are a classic look, and the faux-timber Woodmates version by Luxaflex is suited to spaces with high humidity and moisture, along with heat and sun. With all the appeal of their natural-wood counterparts, the practical polyresin material they’re made of means they won’t blister, peel, corrode or fade, and makes them easier to clean.
Also not just a case of open or shut, shutters too let you alter their tilt in all directions when the light hits different throughout the day and seasons. Luxaflex offers timber and PolySatin designs — a frontrunner for kitchens and bathrooms being PolySatin for its water-resistant, non-porous surface that’s a barrier against mould and bacteria.

ABOVE Duette Shades by Luxaflex are crafted from layers of reinforced fabric bonded together and joined at the pleats, trapping air to form a superior level of insulation.

Life styling

Balancing substance with style, with window coverings like these, you can embrace their purposeful functionality while making a bold interior statement. Luxaflex produces them in all kinds of sizes so you can install them as big and beautiful as you like, and how about using them as a decorative tool to create striking shadows?
Duette Shades by Luxaflex are another choice that’s much more than purely practical. In anti-static fabric to reject dust, they have a honeycomb shape that generates extra visual buzz. Opt for a traditional bottom-up style, top-down for a wellness-promoting view of the sky and treetops, or a combo of both.

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