Laundry goals

The laundry may be a utility workhorse in your home, but that doesn’t mean it has to suffer in the style stakes. Here we share modern design and storage solutions to make the practical pretty.

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TOP IMAGE FROM FAR LEFT: Garden tote, $150, Timber hanging rack, $65, Sahara weave door mat, $130, Leather slides, $185, Garden broom, $60, Kaisa laundry basket, $49.95, Cotturk bath towel, $79, Solwang cloth, $35 (set of 3), Bacino 542 sink, $599, Monobloc tap, $250, Hinoki soap dish, $29, Soap on a rope, $18, Ceramic tripod pot by Gidon Bing, $65, Mist sprayer in brass, $60, Wooden pegs, $25, Oval Kaisa basket, $32.99, Cardigan, $299, Wooden shelves, $110 each, Ceramic by Laurie Steer, $58, Murchison Hume cleaning products, from $20, Waffle tea towel in pumice $19, Scrubbing brush, $25, Watering can, $89.90, Anchor ceramics planters, $125 each, Terrain light shade. $79.90, Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart™ 8.5kg Front Load washing machine, $2099, Fisher & Paykel 8kg Heatpump Condensing dryer, $3199, Six hexagonal tiles in graphite, $79.50 each, Wall painted in Resene Geyser, All other items stylist’s own.

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MIDDLE IMAGE CLOCKWISE FROM top LEFT: Sylph hanging rack in black, $199, Cashmere blanket (hanging), $649, Coat hanger in gold, $49.95 (set of 5), Brass nail, $11.90, Teepee at Ostrich feather duster, $65, Ideal Standard concept wall basin, $285; Parisi Envy mixer tap in matt black, $321, South Island soap, $14.50, Steele canvas small round carry basket, $319, Missoni Rex hand towel in graphite, $49, Dustpan and brush set, $75, Fisher & Paykel CleanSmart™ 10kg Top Load washing machine, $2199, Halten large basket, $139, Bath towel in pumice, $69, Six hexagonal tiles in graphite, $79.50 each, Wall painted in Resene Geyser,

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BOTTOM IMAGE CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Cloth, $9.99; Bondi Wash cleaning products, from $22, Marius Fabre soap, $34.95, Marseille curtain in Celadon, Kiondo bag, $189, Fisher & Paykel WashSmart™ 8.5kg Front Load washing machine, $1899, Fisher & Paykel 8kg Condensing dryer, $1649, Fisher & Paykel stacking kit, $138, White towels, $35 each, Shelving unit, $41.95, Fog Linen market basket, $39; White lace shoes, $250, Waffle tea towel in pumice, $19, Waffle duvet cover, $299; linen duvet cover in Mist, $289; Azalea duvet cover, $259 Dehei grey marle flat sheets, $110 each; Round Fog Linen basket, $44, Bondi Wash glass spray, $22, Rice straw brush, $20, Towels in pumice, $69 each, Six hexagonal tiles in graphite, $79.50 each, Wall painted in Resene Geyser,

Laundry choices

fisher-paykel-mark-elmore-homestyleMark Elmore from Fisher & Paykel talks about making the best choices for your laundry space.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, one of the biggest and earliest-made decisions is how large should you go with your laundry? If you’re renovating this may be less of a choice and more of a constraint, but limited space doesn’t need to constrict functionality, or your overall design aesthetic. It’s possible to plan a laundry that is both functional and stylish at any size.

Like with the kitchen, even a small laundry can be thought out in terms of zones. This might be along task lines: washing, drying, ironing, linen storage and crafting. Or in terms of the nature of the areas: wet, dry, clean and dirty. Thinking in zones will help you to configure appliances, sinks and storage space to get the best solution for your home and lifestyle.

It’s possible to plan a laundry that is both functional and stylish at any size.

The design process we follow at Fisher & Paykel considers all possible configurations of how washing machines, dryers, folding space and sinks will fit into tight rooms, narrow hallway cupboards, beneath stairs and within concealed kitchen or bathroom cabinets. All of Fisher & Paykel’s appliances are designed to match, allowing for consistency in all the areas of the home.

A front-loading washing machine allows you to stack a condenser dryer right above it, maximising usuable space around the appliances. With a top-loading washing machine, you need to leave enough room for the lid to open, but you can invert a vented dryer above the washer to save space. All of our new vented dryers have an easily inverted control panel to make installation simple.

When placed side by side, a front-loading washing machine and dryer allows that much-needed bench space above for folding, crafting or storage.

Styling & set design Juliette Wanty
Set build Robin Schmid
Photography Wendy Fenwick


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