Keep me hanging on

The dried floral art of Mark Antonia turns a festive symbol into something much sweeter that you can admire for ages.

Long, malleable twigs (birch is ideal)
Dried foliage (we used eucalyptus)
Dried flowers (hydrangeas, roses… just have a hunt in your garden. Scented dried flowers will add another dimension)

Sharp scissors or secateurs
A round woven bowl (the textured surface will stop the wreath slipping)
Glue (preferably hot glue)


1. Work the twigs into a circular shape, twisting and weaving to create a firm foundation. Loosely tie them together with twine at a few points around the wreath to help them hold their shape as they dry.


2. Place the finished circle over an upturned bowl to ensure it’s perfectly round, then put it in a warm, dry place: a sunny spot or the hot water cupboard will be ideal. Leave to allow the wreath to harden and become stronger and longer lasting.


3. When the wreath is less malleable, take it off the bowl and remove the twine. Weave the flowers and foliage among the twigs, attaching them with just a little glue at the base of each. For a whimsical feel, let the natural structure of the wreath be your guide as to where to place each item, keeping some of the twigs bare.


4. Use twine or ribbon to hang the wreath in your desired location.

Words Antonia De Vere
Michelle Weir

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