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It’s been practically impossible to keep track of what month it is lately, but despite the turmoil we’ve collectively weathered, the spring blossoms on the trees are a sure seasonal sign that there will always be day-to-day joys to celebrate. Back in May, I popped some cornflower seeds into the pots on our deck; they haven’t bloomed yet, but I’m already looking forward to the day they do, when I can congratulate autumn me for having the foresight to brighten things up a bit as
we hustle towards the end of the year.
I’ve been thinking about the random acts of kindness we can offer our future selves while we’ve been putting together this issue. The homes we’ve profiled showcase great examples of the types of design decisions we can make to enhance our days in ways that reflect our lifestyles. The soft, tonal lime-render finish on the walls in the Tauranga home on page 90 creates the kind of entryway I aspire to arrive home to, the texture imbuing the space with a welcoming warmth. The custom-made burgundy-marble dining table in the Melbourne house on page 102 is a parenting hack I can get behind — its luxe look elevates family mealtimes while hiding the inevitable mess. And I’m also charmed by the main bedroom in the Christchurch beach house on page 114, which features windows perfectly positioned to catch the east-coast sunrise. My father lives nearby, and early-morning walks on Waimairi Beach are a highlight of any trip south to visit him, so I can imagine how wonderful it’d be to wake up to that view on the regular.
Life may never be the same as we knew it, but perhaps we don’t need to set up the Christmas tree and be done with 2020 just yet. Instead, I encourage you to appreciate what we do have going for us right now, while filling your home and life with things your future self will thank you for.

Alice Lines, Editor

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