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Will this be the year we see the end of trend-driven interiors? It’s a subject we’ve been discussing in the office recently.
The thing about trends is that although they can be fun, or chic, or fabulous, following them slavishly often results in spaces that don’t last the distance; an ‘of the moment’ lust-list can quickly turn into a ‘seen everywhere’ aesthetic.
Are you getting tired of that kind of paint-by-numbers styling? A poll I posted on Instagram recently revealed that plenty of people share my sentiment. A trick I like to use when saving images to my inspo folders is to ask myself, ‘Is this my taste or am I being influenced by a trend?’ In this era of image overload, it can be hard to tell, but the more you practise questioning this, the more confident you’ll feel about establishing your own point of view.
Trick number two: slow styling. There’s no such thing as a finished house, so try not to rush it. Many of my regrettable past purchases were driven by feeling as if I needed to fill a gap in a hurry, but I’ve learned that taking your time is tantamount to inviting in only what you truly love and need.
At the top of the trend cycle, the absence of international design fairs and the delays in production worldwide have contributed to a reduction in new products being released. And we like to think people are becoming more conscious shoppers. For our own and the environment’s sake, we could definitely benefit from readjusting our consumption habits.
So where to from here? Onwards and upwards to satisfying your own sense of style. If you’re really keen on that plaid print, bouclé sofa or wavy mirror that’s piqued your interest, who really cares if it’s in or out? We do love a good forecast, so you can count on us to keep bringing the latest ideas to your attention, but the bottom line? Do you! Many of the wonderful people and places we profile in this beautiful issue exemplify this attitude — pick up a copy and see what you think.

Alice Lines, Editor

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