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Colour. It’s a powerful tool when creating spaces to live in, but it’s still one of the aspects of interior design that we tend to struggle with the most. If you were asked which colours make you happy, can you rattle off the items in your home that make you feel this way?

In this issue we help you get clear on how to find the colours you love – and how to make them work for you. In our Colour Decorating Special we take a look behind closed doors into the real-life living spaces of a couple of New Zealand’s most colourful creatives. Anya Brighouse shares her favourite room in her house – the delightful den that you see on this issue’s cover. Meanwhile, Alex Fulton reveals her freshly renovated bedroom, where the palette evolved from a ‘must have’ wallpaper.

“The most important thing to do when choosing colours for your home is to trust your own instincts.”

Both Anya and Alex are bolder than I am with their commitment to colour, but after visiting both of their homes, what I learnt from these chromatically charismatic ladies is that the best thing about splashing a bit of colour around is the make-you-smile moments that doing so creates.

With this in mind, the most important thing to do when choosing colours for your home is to trust your own instincts. Be brave, as the more you experiment, the more confident you’ll become with your choices. If painting your walls seems like a daunting task, try taking creative baby-steps with test pots, objects and furniture. And remember that the inspiration for developing your signature colour scheme can come from anywhere. Take, for example, our decorating story. Our stylists Amber, Sophie and Gem each created a room set where the paint palette was drawn from photos they had snapped on their travels in the great outdoors. Turn to page 41 to see how nature’s hues can not only transport you to a certain time and place in your life, but work harmoniously in an interior too.

Speaking of travels, this issue also sees us bidding farewell to our superstar design/stylist slashies Amber and Sophie. They’ve both been fantastic proponents in the evolution of homestyle and we wish them well on their own colourful adventures ahead.

Alice, Editor

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