How to: Paint a woven patterned floor

Woven patterned floor step-by-step:

1. Print out the patterned guide below to keep in front of you while you work.

2. To create this bold look, paint your floor with two coats of Resene Walk-On in Resene Crowdpleaser, allowing the first to dry before you add the second. 

3. Use a metre ruler and pencil to create the stripes you’ll paint in Resene Walk-On in Resene Charcoal. You can scale the pattern to suit your room, but we measured 18cm stripes (which you’ll paint with Resene Walk-On in Resene Charcoal) alternated with 26cm stripes (which will remain in Resene Crowdpleaser). Mask each line with wide painter’s tape, pressing it down firmly outside each of your 18cm lines so your Resene Charcoal stripes will be 18cm wide.

4. Apply two coats of Resene Walk-On in Resene Charcoal to every 18cm stripe, leaving the 26cm Resene Crowdpleaser strips as they are. Once dry, peel off the tape, revealing a dark-and-light striped effect, like below.

5. Measure the perpendicular wall the same way: 18cm stripes (which will remain Resene Charcoal) and 26cm stripes (sections of which will be painted in Resene Walk-On in Resene Swiss Caramel). This time, place the painter’s tape outside the 26cm pencil lines. 

6. To achieve the woven effect, you’ll need to add additional horizontal tape pieces to preserve the sections of Resene Crowdpleaser you don’t want to paint over. Starting in one corner, place tape on the inside of the Resene Crowdpleaser stripes on the first, third and fifth stripes (to ultimately create an over, under, over effect with the Resene Swiss Caramel). On the next stripe along, you’ll place it on the second, fourth and sixth stripes — refer to the pattern as your guide.

7. One side of each Resene Crowdpleaser stripe has a Resene Charcoal border. Create this by placing 2cm-wide painter’s tape along the outside of the Resene Crowdpleaser stripe, the whole way along the wall. Repeat for every Resene Crowdpleaser stripe.

8. Use a craft knife and metal ruler to carefully cut and remove the sections of 2cm tape that lie across what will be your larger Resene Swiss Caramel rectangles. Each larger rectangle will have a piece that needs to be cut and removed — you’ll need to closely refer to the pattern as your guide.

9. Apply two coats of Resene Walk-On in Resene Swiss Caramel to the masked rectangles. Allow to dry, then remove the tape.

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