Editor Alice Lines shares behind-the-scenes intel on our August/September issue

I regularly have conversations with people about their interiors, and you wouldn’t believe how oftenI hear the words “but the house isn’t finished”. My usual response is that the only time a house is ‘finished’ is when you’ve sold it. In all other instances, there really is no finish line. 

The sense of urgency to get things ‘done’ is a bit of a modern affliction that sometimes sees us acquiring stuff for the sake of filling gaps, rather than making well-considered purchases. My advice is to slow down and take your time seeking out things you truly love, letting your interior evolve to reflect who you are and the way you actually like to live. Think about curating your spaces based not only on how they look but also how you want them to make you feel — and don’t try to live up to someone else’s supposed standard. 

I know every page you’ll turn from here on in will reveal another coiffured couch and perfectly ordered pantry, but let me remind you that we’re delivering the highlights reel. Even the tidiest, most put-together homes benefit from a little preening ahead of a photoshoot. In presenting them not as they are every day but in their very best light, we’re aiming to share with you the aspirational architecture, materials and design details that could inspire your next project. Anyway, the character of a home crafted by the people who live in it always shows through, and that’s just the way we like it; you can rest assured there’s probably an overflowing toy cupboard and junk drawer just out of sight! 

Maybe your home isn’t ‘finished’, but who cares — whose is? Wherever you’re at, we hope this issue of homestyle provides ideas, escapism and an opportunity to dream.

Alice Lines, Editor

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