An oversized bowlful of functional art by Gidon Bing x Città

In association with Città.

Something beautiful to behold in the form of an object you can use, functional art covers all the bases. Bringing this concept to the table, this large-scale ceramic bowl is a recent favourite find and totally to our taste. A collaboration between Tāmaki Makaurau sculptor Gidon Bing and the design team at Città, it can be treated as a serving and a decorative dish, earning its keep as an investment piece in each guise.

ABOVE Their handmade shape and Bone Crackle glaze makes every Gidon Bing x Città bowl unique. Take good care of yours by avoiding wet and highly pigmented foods that may seep into the cracks, and handwashing it after use.
In Gidon’s signature minimal, refined aesthetic and crackled glaze, this locally produced vessel boasts a generous volume for a super-sized statement. When not filling a dish such as this with food, we’d style it as a sophisticated centrepiece on a table, kitchen island or sideboard. It’ll look as elegant empty as it will filled with a collection of curios, containing them in a concise vignette. You could also use it as you would a vase; place a weighty flower frog in the middle in which to secure flowers and foliage, or lean stems haphazardly against the bowl’s crafted rim.

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