A Memphis setting


The wild stylings of the 80s Memphis Design movement are back. We pay homage with this table and coaster project, in association with Resene. The coasters can be completed in an hour or two, whereas the table is a weekend project.

Cork placemats and coasters (from Spotlight)
Wood panel, (600 x 1800)
Painter’s tape
Ruler and pencil
Resene testpots
Paint brushes

FOR THE CORK COASTERS, place painter’s tape on each placemat, creating stripes and areas for block colours. Apply two coats of paint and leave to dry. Finish with painted squiggles and spots in purposefully clashing colours for that quintessential Memphis look.

FOR THE GEOMETRIC TABLETOP, you’ll need to start by drawing an underlying grid. Divide the short end of the table into quarters, then rule three pencil lines down the length. Make a horizontal mark every 18cm, dividing the long side into tenths.


Starting at the bottom left corner, rule a diagonal line connecting with the second mark on the opposite side. Continue this process, drawing a criss-cross pattern diagonally up the table. Repeat in the other direction, from the top back down.

Mask out the white diamond shapes with painter’s tape, then apply two coats of white paint (we used Resene Quarter Alabaster) and leave to dry. Remove the tape and mask out the second colour, before painting with two coats of a bright paint (we used Resene Aqua). Leave the third section as natural wood to acentuate the mix of materials.

Place on top of trestle legs and dress with your Memphis Design-style coasters, ready for a spring brunch.

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